MAKEASPLASH aims to shake up the beachwear style with a new swimsuit crafted for all women, able to completely fit any body tipe and suitable at any age. The result is a fashionable look to be showed to everybody.

MAKEASPLASH as a matter of fact is not only a swimsuit but the perfect solution for every occasion. Thanks to its features and its high textile qualities, it becomes easily a bodysuit to match with your wardrobe for an amazing outfit in any situation in the twist of a strap.

Just one item but never enough places to wear it!

Who we are

MAKEASPLASH was born from the legacy of three friends! Our love for fashion and our energy are the main elements that we shared since we were kids.

Starting from it MAKEASPLASH was designed thinking about all the women and their will to be beautiful without renouncing to be practical for everyday life.

 As we are all glamorous and we are also always very busy!

The Style Lab:

Virginia Campagna

Born in 1980, she is a Designer, an Actress and a Media Communication Analyst.

Collaborating with her family company, a fashion brand based in Milan, she is currently working on a specific line coming out in the next months.

Her working soul is divided by her first love: cinema. She produced, during the last years, several theater’s shows and short films with her husband and the special collaboration of her 5 years old daughter Giulietta. Her presence in the project has been core to create the design and to discover the material choice, thanks to her experience and her fashion taste. Ask her any style advice for a great look, but pay attention to her addiction: pink!

The Marketing division:

Alina Arat

Born in 1980 from an Italian mother and a Turkish father she combines these two different but complementary identities in herself.  Previously working in the fashion industry, she has a strong experience in big events organizations, working trough different countries all over the world. After having corporates experience, she decided to take the challenge to work independently and create the projects she always had in her mind. She lives between Milan and New York even if she continues speaking and thinking about Brazil. In love with culture discovers and travels, she is now planning to learn her 7th language!

The Communication and Press Office:

Alessandra Barenghi

Born in 1980 she completed her communication and events study starting her working experience collaborating with famous photograpers learning the right way to communicate and build the right advertising big campaigns. She is now working in managing location for an important Italian fashion Company. Based in Milan she has 3 big dogs and never time enough to do all the new ideas she is always creating. She can solve any problem and be always ready to share with you her 28 hours (or more) day and night time. Ask her anything except to stop!

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