The Transformability

MAKEASPLASH is the answer to the practicality and comfort that every woman needs, without renouncing to style and elegance.

Its ability to change in so many different models makes it the perfect choice to wear inside and outside of water. Starting from outfit desired it’s able to change and fits any moment of the day.

Built adhering to the guiding principles of commitment to excellence, bold innovation made to impress and unique design engulfed in extraordinary originality– MAKEASPLASH presents the ideal solution for every glamorous and slightly rebellious fashion lover dedicated towards making a powerful beautiful impact at the very first look giving you a high comfort in any situation.

Our one – of – a – kind swimsuit is not only perfectly versatile, stylish and innovative – itprovides youwith more than 15 completely different ways to wear it.

MAKEASPLASH is the new must have for your guardrobe. It will be the amazing solution for any outfit you will need to create and wear. Change its style in the twist of a strap and discover the infinite ways to be always glamorous.

The Quality

MAKEASPLASH entire design and production process is MADE IN ITALY.

Everything from the years of detailed research on the highest quality materials and designs to the ending touches that make it a product unique and high performance and able to wistand the test of time.

MAKEASPLASH fabric is protecting from UV rays, pilling resistant, high breathable and quick drying.

2017 Collection comes out with a plain and double face colors and in 5 different sizes from XS-S-M-L-XL.

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